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Introduction of 7 major core public infrastructures

Core Public Infrastructures Overview

As the base public

research infrastructures to secure the excellence of research in the 5 major research area of DGIST, DGIST’s Core Public Infrastructures is the core cutting-edge research facilities,which can claim to stand for the vision of DGIST ‘World’s No. 1 University Focusing on the Fusion Researches’. In addition, they are the infrastructures linking fusion-based unit technologies which can actively and flexibly respond to the next generation research paradigm such as the external and internal research environment changes and pursuit for fusion technologies.

DGIST’s 7 Major Core Public Infrastructures


  • Super Computing [SC]
  • Measurement & Simulation [MS]


  • Device Cleanroom [DC]
  • Machining Lab [ML]
  • Animal Lab [AL]


  • Material Analysis [MA]
  • Advanced Bio-analysis [AB]

DGIST Core Research Facilities

  • Material Analysis
    • Fine Structure Analysis/ Component Analysis/ Property Analysis
    • New material research
  • Device Cleanroom
    • Manufacture and develop fusion sensors and fine devices
    • Nano material research
  • Animal Lab
    • Animal resources management (primates)
    • Advanced animal experiment
  • Advanced Bio-analysis
    • Bio-imaging and cutting-edge bio-analysis
  • Super Computing
    • Support the researches of theory and computation research using large capacity of high performance super computer
  • Measurement & Simulation
    • Public electronic measurement system
    • Fusion area simulation tool
  • Machining Lab
    • Precision component processing
    • Experiment specimen processing for research