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Major Business

CCRF 비전 공용인프라의 수월성 확립
월월드클래스급 연구지원 서비스를 위한 첨단 공용인프라 구축 및 최상의 컨디션 확보
공용인프라에 대한 이용자편의성/ 접근성 제고 및 체계적/효율적인 관리시스템 운영

Major Performances

To plan and adopt common research facilities/equipment

  • To establish strategies and masterplans for major common infrastructures.
  • To survey demands for and use research facility/equipment in Yeongnam region.
  • To operate the equipment deliberation committee to improve internal deliberation.

To operate and manage common research facilities/equipment

  • To survey research facilities/equipment regularly.
  • To operate committees related to major common infrastructures (life ethics committee, lab animal operation committee, animal testing ethics committee, super computer committee, etc).

To share common infrastructures and provide internal/external services

  • To support the use of common research facilities/equipment and provide analysis/processing services.
  • To implement shared research facility/equipment user training programs and nurture experts.
  • To build and operate common network of research facilities/equipment in Yeongnam region.

To provide general management of research facilities/equipment

  • To build and operate the DGIST Research Equipment Informatization System.
  • To provide services related to NTIS research facilities/equipment.