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Welcome to Central Research Facility Center at DGIOST

Launched in 2004 as an institute for national policy, DIGST has become a university focusing on the fusion researches having the functions of research and education at the same time by establishing the master and doctor’s course and aims to become No.1 university of the fusion researches in the world

By the completion of Hyeonpung Campus in Decemeber, 2012, Center for Research Facilities and Fab Supporting Center was established and as a central operating unit, Central Research Facility Center was established in May, 2011

For the purpose of establishing the excellence in the education and research infrastructures to support the MIREBrain (which stands for M of new material, I of information and communication, R of cutting-edge medical robot, E of green energy, and Brain of brain science), the 5 major specialization area of DGIST, Central Research Facility Center is promoting the planning and introduction of the equipments for education and research, the operation and the management of public research equipments and facilities, acceleration of public use of equipments and internal and external service. In addition, we will introduce and operate the systematic and efficient management system to improve user’s convenience/accessibility to the educational infrastructures established

Central Research Facility Center is willing to provide the service supporting the researches by securing the best condition of the infrastructures in possession and hopes that the researchers would make the world class researches by using it actively

In addition, as we would like to promote the efficiency in operating equipments at national level and to contribute to the advancement of research infrastructures in Youngnam region and the regional industry by providing the opportunity to use world class infrastructures of DIGIST not only to the in-house researchers but also to the external institution and the corporations, we expect that they would be use actively by the external institutions and the corporations.

Sincerely yours

- All the staffs and employees in Central Research Facility Center at DGIST -