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User Agreement

Chapter 1 General Provision

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is to provide the general matters related to the membership conditions and the use of all web services provided by Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology and other matters required between the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science (hereinafter referred to as “School”) and the user (hereinafter referred to as “Member”).
Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
The definitions of the terms used in this Agreement are as followings.
The user agreement refers to all the agreement entered into contract related to the use of service between School and Member.
Joining Member refers to the acts that Member provides the relevant information in the prescribed form required by School and completes the user agreement by agreeing this Agreement.
User ID refers to the combination of unique characters and numbers requested by Member and granted by School to identify the Member and to use the service.
The password refers to the combination of unique characters and numbers determined by Member and registered to School to identify if user is identical with the Member identified with user ID.
Withdrawal (termination) refers to the act that Member may terminate the Agreement.
The terms, which have not been defined in this Agreement, shall be defined in the separate agreement for each specific service and its user provisions.
Article 3 ((Effects and Modification of Agreement)
This Agreement shall be posted online and be effective by the agreement of Member and the approval of School. In the event that a reasonable causeoccurs, School may modify the Agreement without prior notice to the extent that it shall not violate the relevant law and the Agreement modified shall be effective by posting online or notifying to the Member through e-mail.
In the event that Member may not agree with the Agreement modified, he/she may request the withdrawal (termination) of membership and if he/she keeps using the serving, he/she is deemed to agree with the Agreement modified
Article 4 (Regulations other than Agreement)
For the matters not specified in this Agreement. the provisions of Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act, the review regulation of Korean Internet Safety Commission, Ethics Code of Information and Communication, Computer Program Protection Act and other related laws shall be applied

Chapter 2 General Provisions

Article 5 (Conclusion of Agreement)
The Agreement shall be concluded by the consent of the user to this Agreement and the approval of School.
The consent to the Agreement may be expressed by the user to select ‘Agreed’ when applying.
Article 6 (Service Application)
The user who wants to use the service by joining the member shall provide the information of applicant (user ID, password, institution, name, contact, etc.) according to the prescribed application form.
All the Members may use the service only if the information of the applicant is provided, and the Member who may register in improper manners such as registering the information appropriated from others or the false information may be punished according to the related law.
School may verify the information provided by the Member and Member shall cooperate to the verification of School. If it may not be complied, School may be entitled to restrict the service considering the information registered by Member as improper.
Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)
School shall strive to protect the personal information of the member according to the relevant law.
Member shall manage the password thoroughly so that it may not expose to the others and School shall not take the responsibility for the information disclosed by the cause attributable to the Member such as the negligence in managing the password.
School shall not disclose or distribute the personal information of Member collected with regard to the service to the third party without consent of Memer. However, School may provide the personal information of Member to the third party in case of falling into any of following cases
  • - In the event that the informationis requested by the investigative authority or other governmental institution
  • - In the event that it is necessary for the information protection tasks such as verification of unfair acts, etc. including the Member’s violation of law or Agreement
  • - In the event that it is required by other relevant law
Article 8 (Acceptance of Application and Restriction)
School shall accept the use of service in principle unless there is any problem in fulfilling the business or any technical problem according the provisions prescribed at Article 5 and 6.
School may delay the approval in the event that it falls into ant of following matters
  • - In case of applying by improper way using information of others not applicant’s information.
  • - In case of applying for the purpose of violating the law or disturbing the peace and order of society and fine tradition
  • - In case of using this service to illegal use
  • - In case of using this service for the purpose of seeking profits
  • - In the event that the user with whom the Agreement has been terminated by violating the law or Agreement may apply
  • - In case of applying violating other regulations
School may delay the approval until the cause limiting the acceptance may be removed if it falls any of following cases.
  • - In case that there is no room in School facilities
  • - In case that there is technical problem in School
  • - In case that School has difficulty to accept by other reasons
School may withdraw the approval any moment after concluding the procedure of joining the Member in the event that it may find that it falls into any case prescribed in Paragraph 2
Article 9 (Granting and Changing User ID, etc)
School shall grand the User ID to Member as prescribed in the Agreement. In principle, the User ID shall not be changed.
However, if it should be changed due to inevitable reason, it may be changed by withdrawing relevant ID and joining the member again.
In the event that it may fall any of following cases, the user ID may be changed or restricted to use upon the request of Member or by the authority of School.
  • - In the event that there may exist concerns of infringement of privacy as the user ID may be registered with the combination of characters or numbers related to the personal information such as Resident Registration No, etc.
  • - In the event that it may give aversion to the others or may not be conformed to the fine tradition
  • - In the event that there are concerns of mistake because it is identical or similar to the title of School or of School service or ID of service administrator, etc.
  • - In the event it falls to reasonable cause by the other relevant regulations, etc
The other matters related to the management or change of Member’s personal information shall be subject to the information by relevant service

Chapter 3 Obligations of Member

Article 10 (Obligations of Member)
Member shall provide exact information with applicant’s information based on truth for the matters required during joining member or changing the Member information and if registering with false information or information of others, he/she may not claim all the rights related to them.
Member shall comply with the matters posted by School such as the provisions of thisAgreement, other provisions prescribed by School, public notice, etc. and the relevant laws, and shall not commit the acts of disturbing the School’s businesses, acts of damaging to the honor of the School, inflicting damage to the others.
When the information of Member is changed such as address, telephone, etc, Member shall maintain its personal information exactly by notifying to School through proper procedure.
Member shall not act for the purpose of profit using service without prior approval of School and School shall not have responsibility for such acts. In addition, if School may receive damage by such acts, Member shall have the obligation to indemnify to the School and School may claim the indemnification of damage to relevant Member through the restriction of service use and legal procedure.
Member shall not assign or transfer his/her right to use the service and the position in the Agreement without explicit consent of School, and provide as security.
Member shall not infringe all the rights of the School or the third party including the intellectual property right or the acts that fall into each paragraph of Article 15.

Chapter 4 Use of Service

Article 11 (Service Hours)
In principle, the service shall be managed 24 hours a day throughout the year unless there is any problem in the School businesses or technical difficulty. However, School may suspend the service on the day or time specified by School for regular maintenance, expansion or replacement and the suspension of service by the programmed works shall be posted online or offline in advance.
In the event that the inevitable cause may occur such as emergency system maintenance, expansion and replacement, obstacles to the facilities, deluge to the service, national emergency, blackout, etc, School may suspend all or part of the service temporarily without prior notice.
In the event that it may be necessary for the operation of service such as service reorganization, etc, School may suspend all or part of the service after notifying to the Members in advance.
Article 12 (Posting of Member, etc.)
The posting refers to the text, picture, various files, links, etc posted by Member using service.
In the event that the problem occurs to the Member or to the others related to the postings registered in service, Member shall take the responsibility and School shall not take any responsibility unless there is any specific reason.
School may take relevant actions such as suspension of posting, correction, deletion, transfer, rejection of registration, etc. of the posting that may fall into any of following cases without prior consent of Member
  • - In the event that the contents may insult or damage to the honor of the other Member or the third party
  • - In the event that it may spread or link to the contents violating public order and the fine tradition
  • - If it may contain the contents encouraging the illegal reproduction or hacking
  • - In case of advertisement for the purpose of profits
  • - In case that its contents may be recognized objectively to be related with the crime
  • - If the contents may infringe the rights such as the copyright of the other user or the third party
  • - If School may judge that the contents are not conformed to the nature of service as they are personal political judgment or religious view.
  • - If it may be not complied with the posting rules provided by School
  • - If it is deemed to violate the other relevant laws
Relevant posting temporarily until the decision is made by relevant authority such as litigation, settlement, etc. and when the final decision is made and delivered to School, it will follow that decision.
Article 13 (Providing Information)
School may provide to Member with various information deemed to be necessary to use the service through the e-mail, registered mail, SMS, phone call, etc.
School maycollect the personal information additionally for the purpose of improvement of service, introduction of service for the Members according to relevant law when member agrees

Chapter 5 Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Service

Article 14 (Modification and Termination of Agreement)
When the Member may want to terminate the Agreement, Member itself shall request the termination through e-mail or phone call.
If the Agreement may be terminated, School shall delete the registered data of the Member according to the privacy protection policy. However, when it may be required by the law or it may be necessary to conserve that after achieving the purpose of collection or provision, School may possess the Member’s personal information to the least extent provided by the law. In addition, when the School may terminate the Agreement by its authority, the opportunity to explain shall be given to the Member prior to termination
Article 15 (Restriction of Service)
When the Member may violate the article 10 or fall into any of following cases, School may restrict the use of service, resetting, termination of Agreement and other relevant actions.
In the event that the Member may register wrongful contents in the member information, or commit acts of appropriate the User ID, password and other personal information of others, acts of trading or providing user ID to the others, acts of spreading the information, text, figures, audio, video having vulgar or obscene contents violating the public order and fine tradition, or the contents which may infringe the honor or privacy of others, to the others by transmitting or posting, e-mail or other ways, the acts that may tauntor threaten the other useror the acts that cause the pain or inconvenience constantly to the specific user, the acts that may modify the client program of School or hack the server of School or modify all or part of the website or information posted without any special rights granted by School, the acts that may reproduce, publish, use the information obtained from service in the broadcasting or provide to the third party for the purposes other than use of service without prior consent of School, the acts that may disturb normal operation of service by impersonating the management, employee or interested person or by disturbing the service deliberately
In the event that the relevant public institutions such as Korea Internet Safety Commission etc may require correction
In the event the member may violate various laws such as the member may violate the various rules provided by the School including Agreement or may be deemed to be involved in crime objectively, etc.

Chapter 6 Compensation for Damage and Other

Article 16 (Compensation for Damage)
School and Member shall indemnify the damage when the damage may be inflicted to other party in regard to the use of service intentionally or by negligence.
However, School shall not take any responsibility for the damage related to the use of service unless it may violate the provisions prescribed in the Privacy Protection Policy
Article 17 (Exemption)
In the event that the service may not be provided due to force majeure such as natural disaster, suspension of the service by the key telecommunication business operator, and the causes conformed to them, the responsibility of School to provide the service shall be exempted.
School shall not have responsibility for the loss inflicted at the relevant moment and the collateral and derivative damages inflicted subsequently by the suspension of service by the inevitable cause such as regular inspection and maintenance replacement to provide the service, unexpected interference, etc.
In the event that the loss may be inflicted by the error of Member’s computer or by providing inexact personal information by the Member such as contact, e-mail address, etc, School shall not take the responsibility.
In any case, School shall not take responsibility for the gains earned using information serviced or loss incurred or the gains or loss incurred by the service.
School shall not take responsibility for the various information, data, the reliability, accuracy, etc. of the contents posted by Members in the service and shall not have obligation to intervene in the conflict between the Members, member and the third party occurred by the service and shall not compensate the loss inflicted by that
Article 18 (Notification)
In the event that School may notify to the Member such as public notice, School may use the e-mail address registered to School by Member.
In the event that School may notify to the unspecified multiple numbers of Members, School may substitute individual notification by posting through the relevant bulletin, etc.
Article 19 (Jurisdiction and Applicable Law)
The matters not specified in the Agreement shall be subject to the relevant law and the commercial practice of the Republic of Korea such as Telecommunication Business Act, etc.
In the event that the lawsuit for the conflict occurred from service use between School and Member is filed, the competent court is the court having jurisdiction over thelocation of School
[Supplementary Provision]
1. This Agreement shall be applied from January 01, 2007