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public Equipment Status

DGIST 중앙기기센터의 공동활용장비입니다.

공동장비 목록
No. Infra Infra breakdown Name of equipment Model. Manager Status
939 Device Cleanroom Etch Deep oxide SiC etching system Versaline LL-ICP 방진배 Normalcy
69 Device Cleanroom Etch [Metal etcher system]Metal etcher system FabStar 방진배 Normalcy
950 Device Cleanroom Etch Laser marking system LMS-500SM 성병목 Normalcy
951 Device Cleanroom Etch Substrate grinder DA 08 AD 성병목 Normalcy
952 Device Cleanroom Etch Substrate polisher DA 08 APL 성병목 Normalcy
727 Device Cleanroom Etch Cluster dry etcher P-5000 성병목 Normalcy
89 Device Cleanroom Etch [RIE etcher system]Dielectric Etcher system FabStar 방진배 Normalcy
889 Device Cleanroom Etch [Metal wet etch station]Metal wet etch station - 성병목 Normalcy
890 Device Cleanroom Etch [Substrate dryer]Substrate dryer JSID-150 방진배 Normalcy
62 Device Cleanroom Etch [Spin Wet tool]spin wet tool 모델명 없음 전성기 Normalcy
63 Device Cleanroom Etch [Cleaning wet station]cleaning wet station 모델명없음 성병목 Normalcy
64 Device Cleanroom Etch [Etching wet station]etch wet station 모델명없음 성병목 Normalcy
65 Device Cleanroom Etch [Spin rinse dryer Ⅰ]Spin Rinse Dryer SRD-200 홍상훈 Normalcy
66 Device Cleanroom Etch [Spin rinse dryer Ⅱ]Spin Rinse Dryer SRD-200 성병목 Normalcy
67 Device Cleanroom Etch [Deep RIE]Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etcher LPX PEGASUS 방진배 Normalcy
68 Device Cleanroom Etch [Cluster ICP etcher]Dielectric ICP Etcher System FabStar-ICP 방진배 Normalcy
92 Device Cleanroom Etch [PR ashing system]PR ashing system PM I-Q240 SU-8 방진배 Normalcy
93 Device Cleanroom Etch [Xenon etcher system]Xenon Release etcher system Lab Xe 방진배 Normalcy
107 Device Cleanroom Etch [Metal Wet Station]Metal Wet Station 모델명 없음 성병목 Normalcy
894 Device Cleanroom Etch Si wet etch station[실리콘 습식식각 장비] - 성병목 Normalcy
947 Device Cleanroom Etch Compound semiconductor etching system NeoGEN-MAXIS200L 방진배 Normalcy
895 Device Cleanroom Measurement Scanning Acoustic Microscope SAM-DENEB 전성기 Normalcy
949 Device Cleanroom Measurement Low Vacuum Microscope FlexSEM 1000 성병목 Normalcy
966 Device Cleanroom Measurement Substrate Thickness measurement system 없음 성병목 Normalcy
758 Device Cleanroom Measurement Film stress measurement system FSM 500TC-R 성병목 Normalcy
60 Device Cleanroom Measurement Inspection microscope (semi-auto) Axio Scope 장환수 Normalcy
61 Device Cleanroom Measurement Inspection microscope (manual) Axio Scope 장환수 Normalcy
77 Device Cleanroom Measurement [Thickness measurement]Reflectometer ST4000-DLX 성병목 Normalcy
79 Device Cleanroom Measurement [Ellipsometer]Ellipsometer system Auto SE 성병목 Normalcy
80 Device Cleanroom Measurement Leak detector ASM142D 방진배 Normalcy
87 Device Cleanroom Measurement Sheet Resistance Measurement System CMT-SR2000N 성병목 Normalcy
78 Device Cleanroom Measurement Surface profiling measuring system Dektak XT 장환수 Normalcy
911 Device Cleanroom Measurement [Optical surface profiler]Optical surface profile NV-2700 방진배 Normalcy
924 Device Cleanroom Measurement Contact angle measurement system Phoenix Multi 장환수 Normalcy
94 Device Cleanroom Photo Electron beam lithography system Raith 150TWO 장환수 Normalcy
937 Device Cleanroom Photo I-line stepper FPA-2500(i2) 전성기 Normalcy
736 Device Cleanroom Photo Substrate Bonding System Se8e 전성기 Normalcy
720 Device Cleanroom Photo 3D fabrication system Photonic professional 전성기 Normalcy
53 Device Cleanroom Photo [Mask aligner]Automatic mask aligner MA8-GEN3 전성기 Normalcy
737 Device Cleanroom Photo back SE8e 전성기 Normalcy
935 Device Cleanroom Photo Substrate bond aligner MABA6 GEN3 장환수 Normalcy
56 Device Cleanroom Photo Spin coater Ⅰ(4inch) SM-180-BT 장환수 Normalcy
54 Device Cleanroom Photo [PR track]PR track system 모델명 없음 전성기 Normalcy
106 Device Cleanroom Photo [Photo wet station]Photo Wet Station 모델명 없음 전성기 Normalcy
955 Device Cleanroom Photo Photoresist Track System - 전성기 Normalcy
59 Device Cleanroom Photo Vacuum oven OV-12 장환수 Normalcy
58 Device Cleanroom Photo Spin coater Ⅲ(Pieces) SM-180-BT 장환수 Normalcy
57 Device Cleanroom Photo Spin coater Ⅱ(6inch) SM-180-BT 장환수 Normalcy
55 Device Cleanroom Photo [Laser writer]Laser writer DWL 4000 전성기 Normalcy
519 Device Cleanroom Photo Clean Hood System 모델명없음 장환수 Normalcy
710 Device Cleanroom Photo Mask Single Wet Tool 000000 전성기 Normalcy
891 Device Cleanroom Photo Nano-imprinting system EITRE 6 장환수 Normalcy
923 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Vapor Self-Assembled Monolayer deposition system AVC-200 장환수 Normalcy
722 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition System Lucida M200-PL 성병목 Normalcy
74 Device Cleanroom Thin Film POCl3 diffusion furnace system KVD-206 방진배 Normalcy
75 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [Annealing furnace]Vertical Annealing Furnace KVD-106 방진배 Normalcy
956 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Metal sputtering system SRN-130 김상일 Normalcy
768 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Amorpus silicon PECVD KCT-800 성병목 Normalcy
91 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [Diffusion furnace]Diffusion furnace KVD206 방진배 Normalcy
72 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [PECVD(Single)] Single LL PECVD FabStar-P 전성기 Normalcy
872 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Medium current Ion implanter E220HP 방진배 Normalcy
71 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [Evaporation System]E-beam Evaporation system SRN-200 장환수 Normalcy
88 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [RTP system]RTP(Rapid Thermal Process) System RTA 200H SPV1 성병목 Normalcy
765 Device Cleanroom Thin Film AlN Sputter System SRN-120 김상일 Normalcy
759 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Poly-Si LPCVD VULCAN-V*!RL 김상일 Normalcy
746 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Electroplating System EP-03CRS 전성기 Normalcy
73 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [PECVD(Cassette)] Cassette LL PECVD FabStar-N 전성기 Normalcy
70 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [Cluster Sputter]Dielectric sputtering system SRN-110 성병목 Normalcy
940 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Activation RTP 1 방진배 Normalcy
721 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Thermal atomic layer depositon system Lucida D200 성병목 Normalcy
90 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [LPCVD system]LPCVD system KVL206 김상일 Normalcy
709 Device Cleanroom Thin Film Parylene coating system NRPC-500 장환수 Normalcy
76 Device Cleanroom Thin Film [Horizontal furnace]Horizontal Annealing Furnace KHD-106 방진배 Normalcy
719 Device Cleanroom Substrate dicing saw system DAD3240 장환수 Normalcy
897 Laboratory animals Breeding E9 Animal IVC system (Rat) 1129T 김진우 Normalcy
896 Laboratory animals Breeding E9 Animal IVC system (mouse) 1145T 김진우 Normalcy
121 Laboratory animals Disposable IVC Rack system innorack IVC mouse 30 김진우 Normalcy
104 Laboratory animals Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System CLAMS-C-12M 김기희 Normalcy
906 Machining lab Analysis Universial Testing Machine SFM-100kN 조호준 Normalcy
914 Machining lab Analysis 3D scanner SMART SCAN 조호준 Normalcy
883 Machining lab Analysis Contact-type 3 dimensional measurement devices wit ACCURA II 8 조호준 Normalcy
885 Machining lab Machining Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) system SPS-630Lx 조호준 Normalcy
965 Machining lab Machining Drilling tapping machine STD-360 조호준 Normalcy
913 Machining lab Machining Multi-material composite materials 3D printer MJP 5500X 조호준 Normalcy
963 Machining lab Machining 3D Milling Machine MDX-40A 조호준 Normalcy
882 Machining lab Machining Micro UV Laser Machining System ALM100 조호준 Normalcy
881 Machining lab Machining High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting System for Meta ALC-100 조호준 Normalcy
880 Machining lab Machining Micro-Injection Molding system Micropower 5 조호준 Normalcy
773 Machining lab Machining Electro Servo Press HSVP-030B 조호준 Normalcy
878 Machining lab Machining High Precision Laser Cutting System for Nonmetalic VLS 4.60 조호준 Normalcy
712 Machining lab Machining 3D nano CNC machine AP-1L 조호준 Normalcy
592 Machining lab Machining 3D Rapid Prototyping System Projet 3500 3D Printers 조호준 Normalcy
764 Material Analysis Characterization Time-Resolved Spectroscopy System RegA/Chameleon/PicoQuant 조성우 Normalcy
766 Material Analysis Characterization Nano Probe Manipulator MM4-EM / 4200-SCS/F 은영무 Normalcy
86 Material Analysis Characterization Semi Auto probe Station System MST-6000 장환수 Normalcy
110 Material Analysis Characterization Magnetic Property Measurement System(MPMS) MPMS SQUID VSM 조성우 Normalcy
873 Material Analysis Characterization Vibration Sample Magnetometer 7407 조성우 Normalcy
875 Material Analysis Characterization Thermogravimetric Analyzer Auto Q500 은영무 Normalcy
886 Material Analysis Characterization Magneto-optic Kerr effect(MOKE) Measurement System NanoMOKE3 조성우 Normalcy
745 Material Analysis Characterization Physical Property Measurement System DynaCool-9 조성우 Normalcy
874 Material Analysis Characterization Differential Scanning Calorimeter DISCOVERY DSC 은영무 Normalcy
876 Material Analysis Characterization Thermomechanical Analyzer Q400EM 은영무 Normalcy
888 Material Analysis Characterization Wire Bonder HB10 조성우 Normalcy
959 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis Multi-purposed X-Ray Diffractometer Empyrean 조성우 Normalcy
102 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis Microwave Digestion System START D 이현정 Normalcy
877 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis ICP-OES iCAP7400DUO 이현정 Normalcy
732 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis X-Ray Diffractometer of Variable Temperature Exp. Empyrean ALPHA-1 조성우 Normalcy
50 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis [HR XRF]High resolution X-ray Fluorescence Axios mAX 조성우 Normalcy
763 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer D8 VENTURE 조성우 Normalcy
49 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis [HR XRD]High resolution X-ray diffractometer Empyrean 조성우 Normalcy
101 Material Analysis Inorganic Analysis Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer ICAP Q 이현정 Normalcy
733 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Mechanical prep. Tool(Sample cutting machine) Tech cut 4 & 5 은영무 Normalcy
734 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Mechanical prep. Tool(Sample pressing machine) Tech Press2 은영무 Normalcy
40 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscopy HF-3300 천태훈 Normalcy
45 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [Advanced Plasma Cleaner]Advanced Plasma Cleaner 950Solarus 천태훈 Normalcy
46 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [오스뮴플라즈마 코팅기]Osmium Plasma Coater HPC-1SW 천태훈 Normalcy
47 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Mechanical prep. Tool(Sample polishing machine) Dual Preap3 은영무 Normalcy
48 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis 광학 현미경 Discovery V8 천태훈 Normalcy
81 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [PECS]Precision Etching Coating System GATAN 682 천태훈 Normalcy
84 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [Target Surfacing System]Target Surfacing System EM TXP 박지연 Normalcy
85 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Precision Ion Polishing System(PIPS) GATAN 695 천태훈 Normalcy
931 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Multi-Functional Focused Ion Beam system Helios Nanolab G3 UC 은영무 Normalcy
41 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [Dual-beam FIB]Dual Beam FIB NB 5000 천태훈 Normalcy
82 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [Analytical FE-SEM]Multi-purpose Analytical FE-SEM SU-70 천태훈 Normalcy
43 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis HR Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SU8020 박지연 Normalcy
42 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis [FE-SEM]FE-SEM S-4800 박지연 Normalcy
954 Material Analysis Nano-structure analysis Ultra-High Resolution FE-SEM SU8230 박지연 Normalcy
98 Material Analysis Organic Analysis [FT-IR]FT-IR Microscope Continuum 박지연 Normalcy
99 Material Analysis Organic Analysis [Raman Spectrometer]Raman spectrometer NICOLET ALMECA XR 박지연 Normalcy
887 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Electron Paramagnetic Resonance JES-FA200 조성우 Normalcy
556 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Fast Kinetic Assay System FlexStation 3 김진우 Normalcy
100 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Liquid chromatography tendem mass spectrometer 6420 조수진 Normalcy
52 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Ultraviolet-Visible-Near Infrared Spectrophotomete CARY5000 박지연 Normalcy
948 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Quantitative Gas Analyzer for TGA QGA 은영무 Normalcy
111 Material Analysis Organic Analysis [Elemental Analyzer(EA)]Elemental Analyzer Vario MICRI cube 은영무 Normalcy
97 Material Analysis Organic Analysis Fluorescence Spectrometer LS-55 박지연 Normalcy
767 Material Analysis Surface Analysis Laser-assisted Local Electrode Atom Probe LEAP 4000X HR 이봉호 Normalcy
725 Material Analysis Surface Analysis Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry TOF-SIMS 5-100 김기희 Normalcy
95 Material Analysis Surface Analysis (XE-150)Large sample Atomic Force Microscope XE-150 김기희 Normalcy
953 Material Analysis Surface Analysis High Magnetic-Field Cryo Atomic/Magnetic Force Mic attoDRY2100 이현정 Normalcy
108 Material Analysis Surface Analysis [XPS(X-ray photoelectron spectrometer) ESCALAB 250Xi 김기희 Normalcy
884 Material Analysis Surface Analysis Surface profiler AlphaStep D-500 천태훈 Normalcy
44 Material Analysis Surface Analysis [Confocal microscope]3D measuring microscope LSM-700 천태훈 Normalcy
912 Material Analysis Surface Analysis High Magnetic-Field Cryo Atomic/Magnetic Force Mic attoDRY2100 이현정 Normalcy
96 Material Analysis Surface Analysis [AFM(NX 10)]Atomic Force Microscope NX10 김기희 Normalcy
560 Material Analysis High Performance Ultracentrifuge Optima L-100XP 김진우 Normalcy
537 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Network performance measurement equipment IxVeriWave 장환수 Normalcy
564 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Ultra High Bandwidth Network Analyzer N5247A 장환수 Normalcy
735 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Anechoic Chamber (Low Freq.) 모델명 없음 장환수 Normalcy
595 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Network Analyzer (100GHz Module) N5261A 장환수 Normalcy
744 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Moving reflector generator 모델명 없음 장환수 Normalcy
565 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio High Frequency Spectrum Analysis System N9030A 장환수 Normalcy
408 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Spectrum Analyzer for anechoic chamber N9030A 장환수 Normalcy
409 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Network Analyzer for anechoic chamber N5247A 장환수 Normalcy
370 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Anechoic Chamber 모델명 없음 장환수 Normalcy
590 Measurement and Simulation Communication/radio Signal Source Analayzer E5052B 장환수 Normalcy
862 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control Millimeter wave source module & PSG option upgrade E8257DS/E8267D 장환수 Normalcy
739 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control Multisensor-based moving platform 모델명 없음 장환수 Normalcy
596 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control CPS network simulator OPNET modeler v.17.1 장환수 Normalcy
582 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control cps Distributed real time middleware platform BladeCenter H 장환수 Normalcy
216 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control Real Time Kinematic GPS Receiver Viva GS10 & GS15 장환수 Normalcy
870 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control ASIC/SoC prototyping platform RPS7V2000T4 장환수 Normalcy
740 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control High precise position system L-PAS 장환수 Normalcy
741 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control General service robot open-platform PR2 robot 장환수 Normalcy
726 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control Mobile Mapping System SIAS(Spatial Information Acquisition System) 장환수 Normalcy
548 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control PTV Vision VISSIM Commercial PR-L-1-32-AW-AT-200 장환수 Normalcy
892 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control High frequency probe station EPS150MMW 장환수 Normalcy
738 Measurement and Simulation Instrumentation / Control SW verification & test tool 스파로우 / 코드스트롤 API test / 코트스트롤 Code Inspector 장환수 Normalcy
546 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video 4D Capture System 4DFCS-100 장환수 Normalcy
545 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video Brain-computer interface measurement system fNIR300-ACK-W 장환수 Normalcy
586 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video SWIR-band Hyper-spectral 2D imaging system Hyperspec™ SWIR 장환수 Normalcy
217 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video 3D Lidar system (64E) HDL-64E S2 장환수 Normalcy
742 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video Terahertz TDS system / Fiber laser Z-3 TDS 장환수 Normalcy
544 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video Motion Capture System RE-500-6 장환수 Normalcy
743 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video Ultra high-speed camera system Phantom LC320S 장환수 Normalcy
857 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video Smart Camera Sensor Network System 없음 장환수 Normalcy
218 Measurement and Simulation Optical / video 3D Lidar system(32E) HDL-32E 장환수 Normalcy
893 Measurement and Simulation Acoustic Intensity Measurement System AIMS III 장환수 Normalcy
598 Measurement and Simulation CodeStroll™ CodeStroll™ Code Inspector 홍상훈 Normalcy
597 Measurement and Simulation C/C++Engine(300k LOC) SPARROW 홍상훈 Normalcy
861 Measurement and Simulation test 없음 Normalcy
731 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis ChemiDoc imaging system ChemiDoc XRS+ 조수진 Normalcy
83 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Cryo Ultramicrotome EM UC7 이현정 Normalcy
707 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis EEG SYSTEM (256CH) ACTIVE 2 조수진 Normalcy
708 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Surface plasmon resonance system SR7500DC 조수진 Normalcy
749 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrome Agilent 7000C Triple Quadrupol 조수진 Normalcy
751 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Lyophilizer FreeZone Plus 6 조수진 Normalcy
748 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Accurate Mass Time of Flight LC/MS Agilent 6530 Accurate Mass Q-TOF LC/MS 조수진 Normalcy
752 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Centrifugal Concentrator System CentriVap 조수진 Normalcy
910 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Staining instrument EM AC20 이현정 Normalcy
706 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Real time PCR detection system CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR 조수진 Normalcy
591 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Automated High-speed Flow Cytometry Sorter System FACSAria III 조수진 Normalcy
909 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis High vacuum coater ACE600 이현정 Normalcy
747 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis MALDI Ion Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Q Exactive 조수진 Normalcy
755 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-analysis Electrospray Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectr Synapt G2-Si HDMS 이현정 Normalcy
757 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Bio-AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) NanoWizard Ultra Speed AFM 이현정 Check
756 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Variable Pressure Bio-SEM (Scanning Electron Micro Evo HD15 LS 이현정 Normalcy
871 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Real-Time fNIRS LABNIRS 조수진 Normalcy
103 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Superresolution Structured Illumination Microscopy ELYRA S1 조수진 Normalcy
753 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging High Resolution Live Cell Imaging System FV1200 조수진 Normalcy
750 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging In vivo Optical Imaging System IVIS Spectrum 김진우 Normalcy
879 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging He Ion Microscope ORION NanoFab 박지연 Normalcy
105 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Photoactivated Localization Microscopy ELYRA P1 조수진 Normalcy
594 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Real-time matrix screening system BioStation IM-Q 조수진 Normalcy
589 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Matrix Screening System BIO-STATION IM-Q 조수진 Normalcy
774 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging In-vivo micro-CT Quantum GX uCT 김진우 Normalcy
723 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Calcium ratio imaging system Nikon TiU, Andor iXon3 DU-897 조수진 Normalcy
754 State-of-the-art bio-analysis Bio-imaging Bio-TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) Tecnai G2 F20 TWIN TMP 이현정 Normalcy
109 Super Computing Super Computing [Super Computer(iREMB 1.0)]Supercomputer IBM blade center 강종민 Normalcy
724 Super Computing Super Computing Cloud Super computing IBM X3650 M4 Normalcy
962 Thermal Scanning Probe 3D Lithography - 전성기 Normalcy
252 Mini-SEM SNE-1500M Normalcy