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Department (Majoring) Equipment Status

DGIST 중앙기기센터의 부서/전공장비입니다.

부서/전공장비 목록
No. Name of equipment Model. Manager Status
230 IVL Measurement System SR-3/RD80S 이광준 Normalcy
231 Acid Wet Station 모델명 없음 정재욱 Normalcy
232 Organic Wet Station 모델명 없음 정재욱 Normalcy
233 ion chromatography ICS-3000 김준우 Normalcy
234 Mask Aligner MDA-8000 정재욱 Normalcy
235 Particle size analyzer Zetasizer Nano ZS Normalcy
236 Mass detector for GC Finnigan Focus Polaris Q 김현철 Normalcy
237 Simultaneous DSC(DTA)-TGA SDT Q600 Normalcy
238 Scanning Probe Microscope XE-100 정재욱 Normalcy
239 4 point probe CMT-SR2000N 이광준 Normalcy
240 Semiconductor Parameter Analysers EL-424 정재욱 Normalcy
241 Purifier AKTA Purifier 100 Normalcy
242 Fluorescence spectroscopy Cary Eclipse 김현철 Normalcy
243 High speed centrifuse Avanti J-E Normalcy
244 Scanning Probe Microscope Scanning Probe Microscope 정재욱 Normalcy
245 IPCE measurement system QEX7 정재욱 Normalcy
246 Turbiscan TURBISCAN LAB Normalcy
247 GPC Breeze GPC Software 김현철 Normalcy
248 Modulated differential scanning calorimeter MDSC Q200 Normalcy
249 sputtering system KVT-T11096T1040 정재욱 Normalcy
250 Mass detector for LC ZQ-4000 김현철 Normalcy
251 Solar Simulator Solar Simulator 김준우 Normalcy
253 Semiconductor characterization system 4200-SCS/F 정재욱 Normalcy
254 Semiconductor Characterization System 4200-SCS/4210SMU 이광준 Normalcy
255 Automated flash chromatography system 모델명 없음 김현철 Normalcy
256 UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy LAMBDA 750 정재욱 Normalcy
257 ALPHA STEP Alpha-Step IQ 이광준 Normalcy
258 Ultra fine grinding & dispersion system MSC-50-ZZ 이수근 Normalcy
259 Haze Meter COH-400 이광준 Normalcy
260 FT-IR Nicolet iS10 김현철 Normalcy
261 Source measure unit 4200-SCS Normalcy
262 High Pressure Reactor UL-RS1000 Normalcy
263 Chemiluminiscent Image analyzer ImageQuant 350 김현철 Normalcy
264 E-beam KVMBE-3002 이광준 Normalcy
265 GPC Breeze GPC Software 김현철 Normalcy
266 Cell gap measurement system CGMS-150 이광준 Normalcy
267 Milling & Sieving System Pulverisette5/analysette3 Normalcy
268 Vacuum Probe Station Omniprobe VH 김준우 Normalcy
269 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope DMI3000 B Normalcy
270 Isothermal calorimetry MicroCal iTC200 김은주 Normalcy
271 Sample transfer chamber HVE-600 이광준 Normalcy
272 Manual Wire Bonder Wire Bonder 이광준 Normalcy
273 Probe Station MSCH-5000 정재욱 Normalcy
274 RHEED Gun & Power Supply RDA-003G/RDA-004P 이광준 Normalcy
275 3L Hydrothermal reactor system HRS Normalcy
276 MCR Rheometer MCR301 Normalcy
277 Electrosponning System (ESR200RR2D) MachineⅡ 김민선 Normalcy
278 Real Time PCR System 7500 Real Time PCR System 최성균 Normalcy
279 Cryocut Microtome CM1850 최성균 Normalcy
280 Zeta Potential and Nano Partice Size Analyzer Zetasizer Nano ZS 김현철 Normalcy
281 Solid & Liquid Rheological Measurement Module MCR CTD 450 Normalcy
282 Vaccum plasma Cograde Normalcy
283 High Speed Digital Camera i-SPEED LT Normalcy
284 VACUUM BOX TYPE FURNACE 모델명없음 최현정 Normalcy
285 In-Vitro Imaging System Gel Logic 4000 Pro systems with PC 최성균 Normalcy
286 Flow cytometry Gallios 김은주 Normalcy
287 Automatic Gravimetric High Pressure Sorption Analyzer ISOSORP HyGrA 김순현 Normalcy
288 X-ray diffractometer system D2 PHASER 정재욱 Normalcy
289 Thermobarrel Extruder T 100 권수현 Normalcy
614 Electrochemistry Impedance Spectroscopy 850e Normalcy
775 Gel documentation system Bio print ST-4 Normalcy
776 Automated Critical Point Dryer EM CPD300 Normalcy
777 Sputtering System 모델명없음 Normalcy
778 Motorized Fluorescence Research Microscope Axio ImagerZ2 Normalcy
779 Twophoton microscope scanner LSM 7 MP Scanner Normalcy
780 Millimeter wave source module & PSG option E8257DS Normalcy
781 Liquid Scintillation Counter Tri-Carb2910TR Normalcy
782 X-ray Basic Set XR40 EXPERT SET Normalcy
783 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance experiment set Spatial encoding in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Normalcy
784 Gamma Image Plate Scanner Typhoon FLA 7000 IP Normalcy
785 High accuracy non-contacting position sensor 17200AP Normalcy
786 Portable Flow Cytometer BD Accuri C6 Normalcy
787 Sample Parking Chamber KMAC-SPC Normalcy
788 UHV 6-Axis Manipulator KMAC-Manipulator v25 Normalcy
789 400Φ Ball Chamber KMAC-Ball Chamber Normalcy
790 Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometer QP-2010 ULTRA Normalcy
791 ASIC/SoC prototyping platform RPS7V2000T4 Normalcy
792 Automatic Fluorescence Microscopy Eclipse Ti-E Normalcy
793 Diffusion cloud chamber PJ 80 Normalcy
794 Motion tracking system Bonita B10 Normalcy
795 Mini-SEM SNE-4500M Normalcy
796 Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Hybrid Evaluation Stati FCTS 2CH 1KH 1KFB Normalcy
797 Steam Motor and Energy Conversion System TD 1050 Normalcy
798 Preparative Biomolecular Purification System AKTA PURE M Normalcy
799 Active 2 EEG system (32Channel) Active 2 EEG system 32Channel Normalcy
800 Atomic force microscope NaioAFM Normalcy
801 Thermoelectric transport property measurement syst ZEM-3M10 Normalcy
802 Many-core simulation server for large data DL580 Gen8 Normalcy
803 Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC4000 Normalcy
804 swept source laser system AXP50124-13 Normalcy
805 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer G9825AA Normalcy
806 Rotating tube furnace for high thermal processes Rotary KILN Normalcy
807 Washing Machine GW4090 Normalcy
808 Dynamic Light Scattering System(DLS) DynaPro NanoStar Normalcy
809 multiangle light scattering(MALS) DAWN HELEOS II Normalcy
810 High Capacity High Speed Ultracentrifuge Sorvall LYNX 4000 Normalcy
811 High Capacity High Speed Ultracentrifuge Sorvall LYNX 4000 Normalcy
812 Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography AKTApure M System Normalcy
813 CRYOSTAT MICROTOME Cryostar NX 50 OPD Normalcy
814 14T Superconducting magnet system mf130LLD Normalcy
815 Femtosend laser FemtoSource Synergy 20 Normalcy
816 Container type Plant growth control system using F HNS-CG35FT Normalcy
817 Plant growth control system using Fluorescence 1 HNS-GC075HO Normalcy
818 Plant growth control system using Fluorescence 2 HNH-050UHG Normalcy
819 Upright Fluorescence Microscope Axio ImagerA2m Normalcy
820 small engine 모델명 없음 Normalcy
821 Macromolecular automatic crystallization setup sys Mosquito LCP Normalcy
822 Glove Box KK-011AS-EXTRA Normalcy
823 Spectral IPCE Measurement System K3100 NIRX Spectral IPCE Normalcy
824 Three Dimensional Stereoscopic Beam Projector Mirage WU14k-M Normalcy
825 Quartz Crystral Microbalance with Dissipation moni Q-Sense E1 Normalcy
826 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers AA-7000F Normalcy
827 DAQ System MSA-500 Normalcy
828 Motion capture equipment Phantom Miro LC320S Normalcy
829 Quantum Efficiency Measurement System K3100 Spectral IPCE Measurement system Normalcy
830 Intensified CCD Camera with Spectrograph System PI-MAX4 Normalcy
831 Atmospheric pressure plasma system 20/20C-HS Normalcy
832 End effector Gripper for Multi-function BH8-262 Normalcy
833 AEB Test Car Grandure HG330 celebrity Normalcy
834 7 DOF Manipulator Systems WAM Arm 7 DOF Normalcy
835 Precision cutting machine for thermoelectric modul Secotom-50 Normalcy
836 Secondary Battery Cycler Toscat-3100 Normalcy
838 Fluorescence & DIC Inverted Microscope IX73 Normalcy
841 Closed Cycle Cryostat CS202-AE-DMX12 Normalcy
842 Plant Phenotype Scan Analyzer XY-Plane RGB 900 Normalcy
843 Software Platform for WAM Libbarrett Software C lang Normalcy
844 Extremely low frequency detector system 모델명없음 Normalcy
845 High frequency detector system 모델명없음 Normalcy
846 Hybrid Piston Pressure Cell (3GPa) 3G-5mm Normalcy
837 High magnetic field superconducting magnet system Custom-made Normalcy
839 Helmholtz coil system AS-ORTHO-100 Normalcy
840 selenization and sulfurization closed rapid therma 모델명없음 Normalcy
847 Impedance Analyzer System 1260A Normalcy
848 Inverted fluorescence Microscope Eclipse Ti-U Normalcy
849 Nonlinear optical Raman femtosecond laser system Insight DS Dual Normalcy
850 Laser cutting marking engravin VLS 460 60W Normalcy
851 High Resolution Hybrid FT/MS Spectrometer Q Exactive Normalcy
852 Moving sensor convergence platform 모델명없음 Normalcy
290 Automatic tissue processor STP 120-1 최성균 Normalcy
291 Multiplex Confocal Raman Fluorescence Microscope FV1200FD-SYR 김현민 Normalcy
292 Automatic Tissue Processor STP 120 Normalcy
293 Real Time PCR Rotor Gene Q 2plex Normalcy
294 Luminometer SpectraMax L Normalcy
295 Fluorescence Reader Gemini EM Normalcy
296 gene analysis system C1000 Normalcy
297 Biomolecules Purification System AKTA Purifier UPC 100 Normalcy
298 autoclave SX-700 Normalcy
299 electrophoresis system US170-3940 Normalcy
300 Ultracentrifuge Optima MAX-XP Normalcy
301 Tissue Culture Microscope IX 71 김소연 Normalcy
302 High speed Centrifuge Sorvall RC-6 plus RC 6 Plus Normalcy
303 Patch Clamp Amplifier EPC-10 Normalcy
304 Monochromator Based Illumination System Poly Chrom V. etc. Normalcy
305 Microelectrode Puller P-97 Normalcy
306 Confocal Microscope LSM 700 Normalcy
307 Vivatome Microscope KFX-KSA-0010329500-F1 Normalcy
308 Advanced Research Microscope Eclipse?90i Normalcy
309 Patch Clamp Amplifier EPC10 etc Normalcy
310 Research Inverted Microscope Eclipse Ti-U Normalcy
311 Animal Behavior Test System Ethovision XT 80 Normalcy
312 Fluorescence Stereo Microscope SteREO Discovery.V8 Normalcy
313 Multi-photon Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope System LSM 780 NLO Normalcy
314 Live Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope LSM 7 Live Normalcy
319 Multi-color Real-time PCR System CFX96 Touch Rea-Sys Normalcy
320 Magnetic Multiplex Reader MAGPIX Normalcy
321 Optical Fluorescence Microscope Eclipse Ti-S Normalcy
322 High-performance Fluorescence stereomicroscopy M205FA Normalcy
323 Stereology System StereoInvestigator Normalcy
324 Florescence Inverted Microscope Axio Observer series Normalcy
325 EMCCD Camera for Imaging of Cellular Fluorescence Molecules iXon X3 Normalcy
326 Time-Domain (TD) NMR Spectrometer Minispec LF50 Normalcy
327 Plant Growth Room KOENCON SYSTEM Normalcy
328 Realtime PCR detection system CFX96Touch Normalcy
329 Realtime PCR detection system CFX96Touch Normalcy
330 Chlorphyll Fluorometer Imaging PAM M-Series MAXI-Version Normalcy
331 Hi Performance Ultracentrifuge Optima XE-100 Normalcy
332 Multi-Funtional Microplate Reader Infinite M200 Pro Normalcy
333 Monochromtop/CCD camera PIXIS 100B Normalcy
334 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Eclipse Ti-S Normalcy
335 fluorescence microscope with imaging system DM2500/DFC450C Normalcy
336 Delay Line Detector DLD4040 Normalcy
337 Luminescence Imaging Analysis Neo8420 Normalcy
338 Luminescence Imaging Analysis Neo8420 Normalcy
339 Luminescence Imaging Analysis Neo8420 Normalcy
340 DUO Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope System LSM 7 DUO Normalcy
341 Laparoscope HD system 1188 HD Normalcy
342 Digital color ultrasound System 모델명 없음 Normalcy
343 3D Modelling Machine MDX-540 Normalcy
344 Probing System MST-8000C Normalcy
345 Precision Impedance Analyzer and parts 4294A Normalcy
346 Cell Culture System 모델명 없음 Normalcy
347 Rapid Prototyping Machine Eden250 Normalcy
348 Fluorescence Inverted Microscope Axio Observer series Normalcy
349 Digital Camera & Analysis System AxioCam HR Normalcy
350 Laparoscopic simulation LAP Mentor2 Normalcy
351 Digital Motion Analyzer FASTCAM MC2 10KC Normalcy
352 magnetic control system AS-UMS100 Normalcy
353 FIBER VIBROMETER OFV-551-2 Normalcy
354 Multi Channel Amplifier Systems MEA2100-2x60-HS Normalcy
356 Micro System Analyzer MSA-O-500-TS Normalcy
433 Contact Angle Measurement System DSA100 이호춘 Normalcy
434 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer SensAA 이호춘 Normalcy
435 Battery Test System CTS-Lab 이호춘 Normalcy
436 Energy calculator for electron distribution P4300 Normalcy
437 FT-IR Spectrometer Cary 660 Normalcy
438 Gas Permeation Chromatography 1260 Normalcy
439 Glove Box Labstar(1200/780) 이호춘 Normalcy
440 Secondary Battery Cycler Toscat-3100 이호춘 Normalcy
441 Solar Cell Reliability Test System K3600, K3000 이호춘 Normalcy
442 Continuous wave Solar Simulator Measurement System K3S00 이호춘 Normalcy
443 Quantum characteristics simulation system 모델명 없음 Normalcy
444 Graphene Synthesis Equipment GSE-100 Normalcy
445 Fuel Cell Testing Station ZVL 150-10-100L Normalcy
446 Motor Dynamometer 모델명 없음 Normalcy
447 Fuel Cell Testing Station FCS10KWS 이호춘 Normalcy
448 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Agilent Cary Eclipse Normalcy
449 Battery Test System CTS-Lab 이호춘 Normalcy
450 Fuel cell conductivity measuring system BT-512MX Normalcy
451 material surface simulation system GRP6001N BASE SYSTEM Normalcy
452 Multi Impedance Analyzer System VMP3 chassis-16slot Normalcy
453 material surface simulation system GRP6001N BASE SYSTEM Normalcy
454 material surface simulation system GRP6001N BASE SYSTEM Normalcy
455 Glove Box MB-Unilab Glove Box(1950/780) 홍승태 Normalcy
456 Globe box MBUnilab globebox 홍승태 Normalcy
457 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophometer Carry 5000 이종수 Normalcy
458 Automated Catalyst Characterization System AutoChem II 2920 Normalcy
459 Glovebox integrated thermal evaporator system ATSP-Eva-100 Normalcy
460 Thermal analysis system Thermo plus evo 2 홍승태 Normalcy
461 X-Ray Diffractometer Miniflex 600 홍승태 Normalcy
462 Sublimation System DOVP-600 우성호 Normalcy
463 Assembly Machine SDAS-DG01 양기정 Normalcy
464 Twin screw compounder PolyLab OS16 김동환 Normalcy
465 Inkjet Printer DMP-2831 김종태 Normalcy
466 DC&RF Magnetron Sputter NS-23D4 백성호 Normalcy
467 Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD) Lucida D100 백성호 Normalcy
468 Rapid Thermal Process system RTP6 백성호 Normalcy
469 End Seal Machine ES4-A001 양기정 Normalcy
470 thin film deposition controller EIES 김대환 Normalcy
471 Doctor Blade coating system Multi-Coater 김욱현 Normalcy
472 Co-evaporator 09SN047 김대환 Normalcy
473 RF/DC Magnetron Sputter RF/DC Sputter 성시준 Normalcy
476 Al Termal evaporator 모델명 없음 황대규 Normalcy
477 Electrochmeical Analysis IVIUM Stat 박미선 Normalcy
478 Metal thin film deposition system KVS-4006L 황대규 Normalcy
479 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Elli -SE 김대환 Normalcy
480 High Power Eximer Laser COMPEX PRO 201 F 양기정 Normalcy
481 Vibratory polisher VIBROMET2 김동환 Normalcy
482 Double monochromator spectroscopy SP120203001 황대규 Normalcy
483 Atomic Layer Deposition System 모델명 없음 김대환 Normalcy
484 Thermal evaporator with Glove box system 모델명 없음. Normalcy
485 X-ray diffractometer Miniflex II 김참 Normalcy
486 Automatic battery cycler system WBCS3000 BATTERY CYCLER SYSTEM 박정수 Normalcy
487 Thermal analysis syst STA PT 1600 김참 Normalcy
488 Nano Transfer Printing System MADDT1207 김대환 Normalcy
489 Micropipet set Research Series : P10/P20/P200/P1000 Normalcy
490 semiconductor Charcterization system 4200-SCS/F Normalcy
491 Experimental system of Lithography MDA-400S Normalcy
492 Signal Generator & Spectrum Measurement Equipment PXI-5154 Normalcy
493 RTLS SYSTEM TD RTLS Location Software Engine Normalcy
494 Wireless LAN Acess Point PPX-AnyLink Normalcy
495 PAN/BAN Communication system 모델명 없음 Normalcy
496 DELL Server for Research PowerEdge R910/NVIDIA Tesla Workstation Normalcy
497 DELL Server for Education PowerEdge R910 Normalcy
498 Metal Film evaporator KVE-T2000 Normalcy
499 Biomedical Signal Measurement & Analysis System NI PXI-1045 Normalcy
500 CPS Surveillance system-Workstation Z800 Workstation Normalcy
501 High-speed/High Reliability CPS Communication Simulator 33 Million Gate Normalcy
502 Server for CPS Data Management and Analysis DL360G7 외 3 Normalcy
503 Signal Analyzer and Vector signal generator N9030A/N5182A Normalcy
504 Plasma enhanced system Black Magic2 Normalcy
505 CVD system for carbon material Black Magic2 Normalcy
506 R.F & D.C magnetron sputtering system KVS-2004 Normalcy
507 Cyber-physical system softwre and Rotary pendulum system Cyber Physics Designer-V03 Normalcy
508 Bio-medical Communication System Simulator Zarlink MICS Kit Normalcy
509 Open Achitecture Humanoid NAO Next Gen H25 (Version 4.0) Normalcy
510 Network Analyzer E5061B Normalcy
511 MATLAB Individual License MATLAB Normalcy
599 Deposition system for OLED/OTFT HS-2800 심준형 Normalcy
600 Electronic Load AC 33615 손대호 Normalcy
601 Power supplier AC MX15 손대호 Normalcy
602 Oscilloscope/Data acquisition DL-6154 손대호 Normalcy
603 High Speed Recorder DL-850 손대호 Normalcy
604 Precision Power Analyzer WT-3000 손대호 Normalcy
605 LAMINATION MACHINE SVP-100C 손대호 Normalcy
606 Gas scrubber 1207BWA 손대호 Normalcy
607 RELAY TEST SYSTEM Freja300 Normalcy
608 Network Analyzer N5230C Normalcy
609 Power Conversion Unit GP-250K Normalcy
610 Inverter PV-C3250S Normalcy
611 Power Quality Analyzer System FLUKE-N5K Normalcy
612 Selenization and sulfurizatoin thermal process system 모델명없음 손대호 Normalcy
613 Power system simulator RTDS Normalcy
702 Suppercomputer Win HPC Svr 2008 Normalcy
704 Oxygen plasma machine COVANCE Normalcy
359 VICON Motion Capture Camera VICON Bonita B10 Normalcy
360 VICON Motion Capture System VICON MX-GIGANET Softwares Normalcy
361 Digital EEG Analysis System Digital EEG Analysis System Normalcy
362 Haptic master system Haptic master system Normalcy
363 XY Stage and geometry module for LDV A-PST-P050 Normalcy
364 PXI Base Automotive Measurement & Analysis System PXIe-1078 Normalcy
366 Parylenecoater Lavidda-220 Normalcy
367 Motion analysis OP-250-8 Normalcy
368 Exposure system MDA-400S Normalcy
369 Radar measuring chamber 모델명 없음 Normalcy
371 CANbedded GENy V1.4 Normalcy
372 Oscilloscope WavePro 7300A Normalcy
373 Spectrum Analyzer E4448A Normalcy
374 Vector Signal Generator E4438C Normalcy
375 Logic Analyzer TLA7012 Normalcy
376 Vehicle body simulator IMS III Normalcy
377 OPNET Modeler/Wireless Module Normalcy
378 EDA Server System Sun Fire V65X Normalcy
379 Driving Simulator STISIM Drive M300 Normalcy
380 AUTOSAR Prototype Bundle DaVinci Developer Normalcy
381 Driver eye position measure system FaceLab 4.5 Normalcy
382 Radar Target System ME7220A Normalcy
383 Driving Simulator CAR 모델명 없음 Normalcy
384 Genesis Genesis BH330 GRAND Normalcy
385 radar rcs generator 모델명 없음 Normalcy
386 Device for collect brain signal ActiveTwo Normalcy
387 Brain computer interface device K.BCI research complete system Normalcy
388 Matlab/Simulink with Toolboxes R 2010a Normalcy
389 TOYOTA PRIUS Prius Normalcy
390 Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy fNIR300 Normalcy
391 Rapid Prototype Device Dimension Elite Normalcy
392 Wave Measuring Instrument DL750P Normalcy
393 dSPACE Control Device ACE Kit 1005 Normalcy
394 FPGA Base Real-Time Data Acquisition System cRIO-9024 Normalcy
395 Cryo Microtome M 550 Cryostats Normalcy
396 Moving reflector generator 모델명 없음 Normalcy
397 Generic Real-time Embedded System RCP & HIL Software Normalcy
398 Electromyography and brain signal measurement device k.BCI research complete system Normalcy
399 Optical Brain Mapping Imaging System FOIRE-3000 Normalcy
400 Wireless sensor and actuator network solution PXIe-1075 Normalcy
401 Foveon CCD Camera System AVF-36A Normalcy
402 ECU HILS System for an Electric Vehicle 모델명 없음 Normalcy
403 Carbon Nanotube CVD System FTNC-50/CNT Normalcy
404 Nanowire CVD System FTNC-50/NW Normalcy
405 RCP System for Robot Control 모델명 없음 Normalcy
406 Haptic Device PHANToM Premium3.0A/6DOF Body Normalcy
407 General Purpose Reactor System 4523-T-SS-M-230-VS 권수현 Normalcy
410 QAC/MISRA QA C 7.1 Normalcy
411 PolySPace Server for C/C++ PolySPace Server 2009b Normalcy
412 PolySPace Client for C/C++ PolySPace Client 2009b Normalcy
413 Matlab/Simulink toolbox development for measuring lane position MST Normalcy
414 CodeScroll controller Tester CodeScroll Controller Tester Normalcy
415 Driver Distraction Estimation Toolbox CCN-PRP-664 Normalcy
416 Embedded Software Solution for Automotive Application ESAA Normalcy
417 RecurDyn Recurdyn 2010 Normalcy
418 EEG software for FOIRE-3000 EEG S/W Normalcy
419 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer 8453 Normalcy
420 Excimer laser COMPexPro 102F Normalcy
421 Physical thin film deposition system 모델명 없음 Normalcy
422 Ar Ion Laser System Innova 70C-4 조창희 Normalcy
423 Helium liquefying system LHeP18 Normalcy
424 Helium Recovery system HRS-001 Normalcy
425 Regulating and purifying system 모델명 없음 Normalcy
426 spectrograph system SP-2556 조창희 Normalcy
427 FT-IR Spectrometer Vertex80V Normalcy
428 Glove Box Labstar(1200/780) Normalcy
429 Probe Station MST-8000C Normalcy
430 Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC 131 EVO 홍승태 Normalcy
431 Energy calculator for electron distribution Intel P4304BT 이호춘 Normalcy
432 Surface Tension Measurement System K100MK2 이호춘 Normalcy
200 Moving sensor convergence platform MVIO-I-3015M Normalcy
201 Digital Logic Analyzer TLA7012 Normalcy
202 Wireless Communication Test Set E5515C Normalcy
203 Vehicle Serial Bus analyzer SB5000 Normalcy
204 FPGA emulator for rapid prototyping iNTUITION Normalcy
206 High Precision GPS Receiver DL-V3 Normalcy
207 Research Vessel 쏘렌토R Normalcy
208 SoC verification platforms for mobile vision RPS-7601CT Normalcy
209 3D Motion Capture System Raptor-E Digital Motion Capture 4 Camara System Normalcy
210 Ultra High Definition Display System LH55CPPLBB Normalcy
211 Computer Vision Testbed z-snapper portable/testbed Normalcy
212 Digital logic electronic design automation device HDL Designer, Questa prime, precision RTL plus Normalcy
213 3D imaging HDK PS-FW-11-V10E-OEM(400-1000nm) Normalcy
214 Multi-spectrum image acquisition system for surveilance SC620 Normalcy
215 Digital Broadcasting System SFU/DVSG/ETL Normalcy
219 ModelSim SE Verilog/Mixed HD Normalcy
220 Embedded OS and Related Tools Linux Professional Edition 3.1 Normalcy
221 MPEG/H.264 Multimedia Encoder TLA7012 Normalcy
222 Industrial Microscope LV100D 이광준 Normalcy
223 GC 6890 김현철 Normalcy
224 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph 1100 김현철 Normalcy
225 Surface Plasmon Resonance System SPR LAB 김현철 Normalcy
226 Gas Chromatograph 6890 김준우 Normalcy
227 FT-IR Spectrometer Nicolet 380 김현철 Normalcy
228 Quartz Crystal Microbalance QCM-Z500 김은주 Normalcy
229 MicroPore Physisorption Analyzer ASAP 2020 김준우 Normalcy